Testimony eng - Mrs. Yolande Sylvain

Mrs. Yolande Sylvain

Testimony - Mrs. Yolande Sylvain

If you are thinking of buying or selling land or property in the Yucatan, I would like to recommend Mr. Jorge Semerena and his team. I met Mr. Semerena in 2004 when I was attempting to buy my first house here in Chicxulub Puerto. I had met other realtors buy I was extremely disappointed with their services. The houses I had seen on the internet were sold, they were not showing me what I wanted, not very attentive to my needs. Long story short, I went back home empty handed and very disappointed. This is when I decided that, even though I did not speak spanish, I would use a mexican realtor. I found Mr. Semerena on the internet and after reaching his office, I was very pleased to find out he spoke perfect english.

He was attentive to my needs and ended up recommending me a listing that was not his because we could not come to an agreement with the seller of his listing. He then proceeded to negotiate an extremely good price for me. I could not be happier. This was the beginning of a great friendship. He is always there when I need advice and I have had the pleasure to buy and sell other properties through him and he and his team always go beyond what you can expect.

The team at Yucatan Properties is professional, experienced, attentive, honest and trustworthy. You do not have to worry about anything, they will take care of your every need. They answer your questions and make you feel very safe and secure buying property in a foreign land. They have your interest at heart.

It is a true pleasure for me to recommend Yucatan Properties and to make myself available to anyone who may have questions. You can reach me at YSylvain@aol.com.


Yolande Sylvain
January 4, 2016

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