What you should know before renting a commercial property

What you should know before renting a commercial property

What you should know before renting a commercial property


Four months ago, Sonia, a businesswoman on beauty area, put the eye into a residence for rent, in one of the most exclusive area in north of the city. Of course, you can not be happier to have found this property. She wants it so badly to grow her business and enjoy more time with her 3 children.

Her Beauty Salon business, has very loyal clientele that appreciates it ever since it opened about 10 years ago, unfortunately, the house she was renting was small, simple and low profile, which, by the way, was perfect for a start; but now it does not give the stamp that she requires to her business according to the standards of her new clientele and what she wants.

The new house is not only lovely, it has that feeling of luxury and glamour wich her clinets and friends really love.

Best of all: the conditions offered by the owner are very favorable and very difficult to refuse. It is everything she dreamed of and like most other things in her life, it has succeeded. 

One day, while she was in the middle of a make-up of enigmatic eyes of one of her client for a wedding at a Hacienda; and already installed in the newly rented residence, she receives a call. It is, one of those calls you hope you never receive when you feel you have settled and stabilised your new life status.

Grim news! The worst…

The street neighbours have joined and collected signatures to request that beauty salon on the property, no longer operates as a business. 

Sonia almost falls into outright depression. She has 15 days to vacate. She can not believe what is happening. So much time invested in finding the home of her dreams and fantasy. It has cost her a lot of money to adapt the property. She followed all procedures asked by the owner who rent it to her.

So, what was it that went wrong?

Sonia is not the only one facing this problem.

In “Yucatan Properties" we have served many clients overwhelmed and desperate which have rented or bought a property to establish their business to then only realise that their business is not allowed in that area or on that specific road.

It has also happened that the size of the property is not suited to the requirements of the Urban Development to obtain authorization from the line of business that is intended to be conducted on that property.

Here I will briefly explain the procedure you need to know if you want to rent or buy a property and use it for your business:

What is the feasibility of land use

Regardless of the type of business you want to set a property, have a good real estate advice, will help you to avoid headaches and thundering disappointments.



The process of the feasibility of land use is a very simple procedure that allows you to ensure if your business is allowed on the property that you want to buy or rent.

The idea of the feasibility of land use is:

1. Having the prequalification of the property to know whether your intended use is "feasible".

2. Submit your business project to Urban Development Office of Municipality of Merida. The use and type of business must adapt to the standards that tha PDU land use in the city has, according to land section, both land and building density.

Of course, performing the procedure, will not ensure you the permit of the license for the type of business you intend, nor to develop business size you want.

For that there are rules established by the Urban Development Plan (PDU) which we must follow presenting the specific project.

What you should know before renting a commercial property?



In Yucatan Properties we want you to have greater certainty when buying or renting property to develop your business project. We take care about the formalities of land use feasibility for you, totally free of charge before the closing of the transaction.

Make intelligent decisions.

Find with us properties carefully selected to growth your business.

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Lic. Jorge Semerena

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