Problem #1 when you want to buy beach front land

Problem #1 when you want to buy beach front land


Let me guess… you bought a beach land section to build your dream house and you find out after the restrictions to build on it?

How frustrating, right?

You took months searching for options from coast to coast looking for sale signs and asking information.

Answering your phone every time you saw an unknown number because one of those calls could be the door to your new permanent vacation. You ran away from your office before your time to go to the beach, to finally get home without being able to sleep, thinking about the options you had ... Which is the best beach section?

Finally, you find one. It is the one you like the most for its location and the offer is very tempting. You close the deal. After all you are taking bold decisions.

You can see already sitting in the pool of your waterfront home with a cold beer ... is the beach land section of your dreams. Immediately you call your best friend who is an architect to begin designing it.

You meet with him and as the minutes passed, your face is transformed into something ... weird.

"Dude, I am sorry to tell you that this area does not adapt to

build the project you are thinking." - It is his confession with raised eyebrow -…

"I would give everything I know for half of what I do not know". - Descartes.

 I know. It is more than frustrating.

 And, many people go in search of a beach land to build his summer home without knowing the restrictions and what you can build or can not build.

 Here is something you may not know:

What you should know before consider to buy a beach front land

First of all, it is important to have a clear idea of the size of building you want for your home and its basic characteristics. How many rooms do you need? would you like to have a swimming pool, sun deck, garage, etc .; if you want just one level or have thought about having a lovely roof to watch the sunsets. This will help give you the key to knowing the beach section type you will need.

There are different types of restrictions to build on the beach. Some of them are:

 * the maximum height

 * space background (meters required by the authority) by the restrictions of the type of foundation

If these aspects are not considered before purchasing your land on the beach, they will become major limitations.

For instance, if your project does not fit in this area, you will have to adjust the characteristics. Panoramic views could be affected and not have a good position that allows you to enjoy sumptuous sunsets or sunrises bright.

The same applies to the ventilation and lighting of the house, especially because not all areas may have an ocean view. You will have to continue to make adjustment after adjustment, to try to make the best use the land. This way you will: distracted, tense and angry.

Buy land for your future beach house needs planning. To understand the scope of your project will avoid waste of time and a lot of stress.

The good news is that you can be assisted all the time by a real estate professional. He is responsible for conducting the search for the ideal beach section for you, advising you on all the way, so you know the scope of permitted use for the type of project you have in mind to be developed.

"An unresolved conflict is like a broken record, prevents move on to the next melody ".Cristóbal Jodorowsky Trumblay

Here, how to buy land for your beach house wisely.

If you are interested in taking the next step to buy land beach, you should review the options Yucatan Properties has for you.

You can start immediately with a pone call to make an appointment and invite you a coffee so you tell us about your project and we can advise you in the best way.

Check the options here and start building your dream beach house today.

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Cristina Bolio

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Que tal don Sebastián,
Espero se encuentre bien,
Ya estamos en contacto por vía correo electrónico con respecto a los correos de Santa Clara.
Con respecto a financiamientos, le comento que normalmente todas las propiedades que manejamos son al contado, la forma habitual es apartar o separar la propiedad firmando una promesa de compraventa tal vez con un 20% de apartado y liquidar cuando mucho en 45 días.
De cualquier manera, quedo a sus órdenes si tiene otra duda.
marco antonio sahagun
Hola cristina, estamos buscando una propiedad como un casco de hacienda pequeño con un terreno chico de 1 a 3 hectáreas para reconstruir cerca de merida podrias buscar algo
Que tal Marco Antonio, muchas gracias por ponerte en contacto con nosotros.Con respecto a tu requerimiento de una propiedad tipo Hacienda para reconstruir, tengo algunas dudas que te agradeceré me comentes para poder enviarte opciones que te puedan servir.Qué tal lejos de la ciudad te gustaría ? Que no esté a más de cuánto tiempo de la ciudad ?Alguna zona en particular que te pueda gustar ? Tiene que ser casco de Hacienda o alguna propiedad tipo quinta te podría servir ?Te serviría una hacienda ya remodelada ? Tenemos ésta muy linda ya lista para habitar y muy cerca de Mérida es importante saber de cuánto es el presupuesto aproximado que estás considerando invertir en este proyecto.Tenemos en nuestro listado algunas propiedades de este tipo, y nuestra oficina está afiliada a la AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) por lo que tenemos acceso a muchas más opciones que las que manejamos en nuestro sitio y que te puedo enviar de acuerdo a las características de tu requerimiento para que revises y posteriormente hagamos una cita para visitar las que te puedan interesar.Si quieres marcarme o darme algún número al cual me pueda comunicar contigo, con gusto.Quedo en espera de tus comentarios y espero tener la oportunidad de servirte.Saludos,Cristina Bolio
Ana Cristina
Muy buen artículo, felicidades !
Que tal Ana Cristina.Nos da mucho gusto que te haya sido útil nuestro artículo.Cualquier sugerencia es bienvenida.Saludos.María José

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