How good is medical care in Merida?

How good is medical care in Merida?


Merida has very good medical and hospital infrastructure, recognized as the best in the southeast of Mexico and the countrys best specialists. You can find practically all branches of medicine, often educated at prestigious universities in the U.S. and Europe. Also, several of the most prestigious private hospitals in the city are affiliated with some of the best hospitals in the United States, thus keeping abreast of the latest advances in medicine. Even people from neighboring countries like the United States and Canada choose our city to perform surgeries or treatments for a small part of what you would pay at home for what they consider the same good quality. Hospitals recognized for its good reputation and prestige recommend are:

1. Clínica de Mérida (999) 9421800

2. Centro de Especialidades Medicas (CEM) (999) 9204040

3. Star Médica Mérida (999) 9302880

4. Centro Médico de las Américas (CEMA) (999) 9262111


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