6 Incredible benefits of living in a private home in Merida

6 Incredible benefits of living in a private home in Merida

6 Incredible benefits of living in a private home in Merida

The benefits of living in a private home in Merida are many. Last week I had the opportunity to meet and help a beautiful Guadalajara family in search of their new home.

They are dad, mom with two children of 11 and 9 years who are planning to come to live in Merida, with the sole interest of living within a Private, or Cotos, as they call them.

Your reason is simple ...

"We want our children to grow as we did: to play in the street, to have their best friends as neighbors and to be at home knowing that they are safe and secure"

Mérida is one of the quietest cities in the country and has always been. I remember that when we were kids, we played in the street, we skateboarded, we rode bicycles, we played "burned", or a little shell, and a lot of other things.

The reality is that, now we are a little more apprehensive, because we are racing for work and laps, as well as for the news we read from other parts of the country. We prefer that our children stay in a place closer to our sight.

Visiting with them several options of private subdivisions in Merida, I can say that security is only the number one of the list of benefits, there are many more:

1. Security to the maximum:

Living in a private house in Mérida, with 24/7 security, is a blast! You have in first instance, full control of the people who enter and leave, constant monitoring by security cameras in the common areas.

On the other hand, in the streets of the private, the speed of vehicles is limited and your children can play without worries, you can go on a trip and just "pull" your door, and that is priceless!

2. Tranquility

All private subdivision, has a condominium regime that helps the good coexistence between the neighbors. These rules are very positive and necessary to avoid problems and conflicts. They usually deal with the use of common areas, parties schedules, volume level of music, issues related to pets, etc., which provides an environment of tranquility and good manners.

 3. Extra Amenities:

The majority of the private ones have common areas very pleasant for the coexistence and use of the condo owners. Many private, have Club House with swimming pool, tennis court, gym, games room, playground with childrens games, reading room and even cinema and always have excellent maintenance.

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4.- Exclusivity:

The price of a residence within a Private, is higher, for all services that have this type of development, and that gives a certain level of exclusivity to the area.

5.- Atmosphere is everything:

Many private companies are taking on their own personality. It is easy to know what the ideals are for young couples, for families with young children, or for seniors or retirees.

If you want to live in a private home in Merida, Yucatan Properties we help you to choose the ideal community environment for you, so you can make friends quickly, share tastes and activities, and know who your children are related to.

6.- High Return on Investment:

The properties in Privates or Condo have a guaranteed surplus value: the environment, green areas, common areas, etc. are taken care of, so that the value of the property is never going to decay, in addition, the plus that these houses are given in rent very easily.


There are many advantages to living in a private subdivision.

Living in a private residence in Merida is synonymous with exclusivity, modernity, security, tranquility, happy children and close family.

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Lic. Jorge Semerena

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Claudia Gris
Me gustó mucho y me interesó. Vivo en estados unidos y me gustaría hacerme de una casa en Merida ya que ahí sería mi punto de vacaciones con mi familia. Me gustó la opción de parque central. Gracias por su información y seguiré en contacto.
Hola Claudia.Espero estes teniendo un gran inicio de año.Muchas gracias por tu comentario; que bueno que te haya gustado nuestra publicación acerca de las privadas en Mérida. Cuando decidas venir a conocer las opciones, ya sea en Parque Central o alguna otra privada, estamos a tus ordenes.Saludos.
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