5 simple ideas for decorating the house this Christmas

5 simple ideas for decorating the house this Christmas

5 simple ideas for decorating the house this Christmas

It has probably happened to you that you feel the time is fast approaching and left home decorating ideas this Christmas.

Probably like me, you look like you packed a few months and carefully saved all your ornaments and again makes just, go back to the cellar or closet to remove dust and everything.

Does this sound familiar?And to top it off ... it is the same decoration you put year after year! What to do to make a difference without spending a fortune?

What to do to give a new look to your home this Christmas?

These 5 simple ideas to decorate your home this Christmas, they will find useful, life and you will bring more ideas!

1. Make an exchange of Christmas decorations with your sisters or close friends

Surely all have many ornaments in perfect condition but simply bored or tired them in sight. It is fun! you will see how this "snowman" that nobody wants, takes on a new look in that special corner of your house.

2. Dare to innovate.

You do not have to put the birth or the tree always in the same place. Sit quiet to see your house and visualize how things would look in different places.

Surely you realize that your tree this year looks cuter in the dining room or family stay in the room where you have always put. The birth is very important. Choose a new and special place to put this year.

3. Colors do matter.

Those same candel holder but with new candel in different shades that always you put will look like new, and if the same tree ornaments will add some ribbons or bows look different. Try combining with gold and silver tones that are very fashionable and go well with everything.

 4. Decorate with plants and poinsettias.

You can put them in wicker baskets of different sizes and shapes, it gives a very cheerful and welcoming touch to all areas.

5. One last tip for your Christmas tree:

If you buy a natural tree this year, make sure you put a plastic base so you can keep it moist, as if not for Christmas most likely already dry. The best and easiest way to "wash it down" is with ice cubes directly into the plastic container to avoid spilling the water around.

Many times the solutions are much simpler than we think. To decorate your home this Christmas, you do not have to spend all your savings.

I hope these simple ideas will help you enjoy this time of joy fill your home and leave it nice and cozy for family and guests.

What other simple ideas can you think of to give a new touch to your home this Christmas?

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