5 Points to consider when looking for a commercial place in Merida

5 Points to consider when looking for a commercial place in Merida

5 Points to consider when looking for a commercial place in Merida

The decision to choose a commercial place to rent to establish your business, is a decision of great importance: it could be the difference between success or failure of your business project.

Behind every project, there is a great deal of time invested in ideas, enquires, planning, numbers, strategies, etc. After all, there are many plans and dreams that you have been building in your mind and so much enthusiasm that you have put in them, that it is well worth taking enough time to choose the right place.

Buying a place for your business will always be a better option as it is a tangible asset that you can take as a long-term investment. But, when you do not have enough funds for financing to buy the commercial venue, to lease is a very good alternative.

In the city of Mérida you will find many options of rental properties, both in large commercial plazas, small squares and local streets and main avenues.

Factors to consider when selecting a business location.

Among the most important things to consider are:

1.The location based on your target market.

Is your business selling to the general public or have you defined a specific group of customers? It is very important to determine to which market niche your business or service is targeted to choose the best location according to the área:

AAA, average or popular and focus the search in these areas. If your business is retail in a mass market and a low-cost product, locations the center are very important.

If your business is a product or service of middle-class market, the small and medium squares located in the main avenues of the whole city can be very good spot.

If your product requires more demanding or top end clients then; squares of the north of the city as well as the avenues of this area have specific venues for tailor made business and are alternatives for this area of the City.

2.Use of floor according to your business.

It is extremely important that you consider from the beginning of your search that you have no problem with the compatibility for the type of business you are going to open with the type of venue you are choosing. BE AWARE. This is one of the most important and most committed mistake of most people looking for business places, if the business you are planning to open should have some special permission to be processed or considered, be sure to foresee the feasibility of using Floor in the municipality urban development office, before you tie up with a venue, you could lose your deposit or what you have given to hold it.

3.Services and parking.

Whether the commercial venue for rent is located inside or outside a commercial square, the recommendation is that you check well that ease of access has that square, both pedestrian and road, with what services it has; Surveillance, cleaning of common areas, parking drawers, etc., as well as the fee you will have to pay for this.

In order for people to find you easily, it is important to have good signage. Analyze if the square allows you to place a good sign on the outside of the venue or commercial square. As well as, if the selected venue has enough parking spaces that make it accessible to customers with easy access to the spot.

In the case of a commercial square, it is important that the square respects the turn of your business to avoid competition. This works even in small squares. Check if the contract specifies the right to trade exclusivity.

4.Characteristics of the place you want to rent.

Most commercial venues for rent are delivered in "free floor," or “Obra gris”, this means that it is delivered for the tenant to put floors and finishes of walls according to their image or business brand, it is very important that you consider the adjustments you will have to make. Usually you will have to put floor, bathroom, air conditioning, wall and ceiling coverings, etc

5. Every business opening has a number of initial fixed expenses that you should consider.

Renting a commercial space and adjusting it can have a high cost, and it is something important to consider in your budget. Normally, if you decide to rent, you will have to pay a month of deposit, a month of rent in advance and the cost of the agreement, which will depend on the duration of it.

In most cases they ask for a guarantee to rent the property. The procedures for the operation of the premises may take some time, this may depend on the type of business. Use the time to make adjustments and modifications to the commercial premises while you carry out these procedures, so that when the premises is ready, you can open, having all the documentation ready.

The costs of the adjustments of the commercial premises, will depend on your project. We recommend you to ask for several quotes, so you can compare and have, from the beginning, clarity on the cost of them. Another type of expenses that you must consider are the inauguration and the promotion of the opening, which are very important to make a good presentation with clients and friends.


We are not experts in opening or advising new businesses, but we have had the pleasure to help and participate in opening many. So, do not hesitate to lean on real estate professionals to help you take care of these and many other details that may arise for the opening of your business.

Remember that, how you surround with capable and professional advice, you will have greater chances of success and you can save yourself some common pitfalls at every start.

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