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Testimony - Sr. Luis Hoyo y Sra. Roxana Corvera

Sr. Luis Hoyo y Sra. Roxana Corvera


Featured properties

$ 121,264,000.00 Pesos (For Sale)

$ 4,260,000.00 Pesos (For Sale)

$ 14,760,000.00 Pesos (For Sale)

$ 30,000.00 Pesos (For Rent)
Furnished apartment for rent in the Town Square tower

$ 25,000,000.00 Pesos (For Sale)

$ 9,784,500.00 Pesos (For Sale)

$ 37,000,000.00 Pesos (For Sale)
Beach lot ideal for real estate development

$ 16,500.00 Pesos (For Rent)
Office for rent in the building 1000enium Altabrisa

$ 23,000,000.00 Pesos (For Sale)
Beachfront guesthouse for sale in Telchac

$ 9,630,000.00 Pesos (For Sale)
Commercial land for sale on 70th Avenue in Caucel City

$ 6,334,113.00 Pesos (For Sale)
Enuma Homes Temozon North

$ 2,963,888.70 Pesos (For Sale)
Camporal Condos Temozon North

$ 2,941,200.00 Pesos (For Sale)
Residential Lots Caporal Temozon Living

$ 4,800,000.00 Pesos (For Sale)
Land in Privada Residencial Provincia

$ 6,098,400.00 Pesos (For Sale)
Residential lot in Temozon within Privada Xa Han

$ 4,200,012.00 Pesos (For Sale)
Remodeled House in Merida Downtown

Important questions

What are the main shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment centers in the city of Merida?


Merida, though famous for its culture and for being a beautiful colonial city, is also very modern and recognized as the leading provider of services in the southeast of Mexico. In Merida, you can find many of the franchises, department stores and businesses most important nationally and internationally , to mention just a few examples: Chedrahui, Wal-Mart, Sears, Liverpool, Sam´s...


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