What services are available in Merida and on the beach?


We have access to cable in various forms in almost all cities of the state and satellite TV available in remote areas. The high-speed Internet is available almost everywhere, except on the coast, where you can install an antenna for high-speed satellite service if required. There is free wireless Internet service in most of the parks in Merida. We have power of 110 and 220 volts, and the service is as reliable as in the United States. You can connect your American accessories to the source without any adapter. In most areas, (except if you are far away on the beach) there is drinking water and many homes also have a well for irrigation, pool filling, etc. The discharge of waste water is done in septic tank in every house. Most people buy purified water in bottles of 20 liters (5 galones)


Cristina Bolio

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